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A Big Decision – Joining One Percent Collective

Yesterday I announced that I’d accepted the role of Head of Operations at One Percent Collective. For anyone who has been reading my blogs about self-employment, it may come as a bit of a surprise that I’m venturing back into traditional employment!

Why am I doing this?

The thing is, this role is basically perfect for me. Here’s why:

  • It’s part-time (so I can continue with my independent consulting!),
  • Incredible values-alignment (which is probably the most important thing to me!)
  • It’s the kind of job I know I can add a lot of value to.

Yep, it’s a perfect trifecta of things that I’ve been looking for. I think it almost goes without saying that opportunities like this don’t come along very often!

A bit about One Percent Collective.

Pat Shepherd founded One Percent Collective six years ago after being inspired to act during a six-week volunteer stint on the Thai/Burma border.

Drawing on the writings of philosopher, Peter Singer, Pat reckoned that he could make a big difference if he could encourage a lot of people to give a small amount (1% – it’s basically nothing!) and, after a year of hard mahi, One Percent Collective was born.

Today, One Percent Collective has over 500 regular donors and works with 14 partner charities. Better yet, these charities have collectively raised more than 1.5 million dollars (and built a lot of awareness too!)

You can find a list of the charities here.

Looks like a bit of me!

So, I think it’s pretty obvious why I jumped at the opportunity to join the incredible team behind One Percent Collective.

I will still be doing the self-employment thing. It is a top priority to ensure that my clients (through Seedling Consulting) still get everything they need from me. I’m just going to have to take my time management skills to the next level!

(Might have to change the topic of the blog though 😅)

What can you do?

Well if you’re reading this and you’re feeling the vibe, I’d love it if you’d consider signing up for One Percent Collective. Giving is good. Get amongst it! You can sign up here.


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