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Writing A Blog & Self-Employment 🧰

A blog about writing a blog. It doesn’t get much more meta than that.

I’d wager that everyone has something interesting on their mind that could be made into a blog post. I’d also wager that most people would benefit from writing more. Writing can be therapeutic and, when done regularly, it will enhance your communication skills and empower you. It’s also pretty cool when you have a written record of certain times in your life (though it’s also slightly embarrassing looking back at old blog posts at times – but, hey, it’s character-building).

Why am I writing a blog?

Longer-term readers and those close to me will know that I decided to begin writing my blog as a way of documenting my self-employment journey and to hold myself accountable. I didn’t have many set tasks in the early days of Seedling Consulting so it was good to have one thing that I could set myself deadlines around.

Now, 22 blogposts in (and counting!), I’ve realised that my blog has become a creative release. Unsurprisingly, writing frequently has resulted in my writing becoming better while reducing the amount of time it takes me to write a post (generally speaking).

As someone who’s in business, it’s also a great way to promote my website and for someone who is interested in my services to get to know me. I’ve even been able to help out with some basic copy-writing for my mates over at Psychoactive Studios!

Definitely check out Psychoactive's website. So good!

Why should you write a blog?

Basically, for the same reasons I have. If this is something you’ve been thinking about then I’d encourage you to give it a go. You literally have nothing to lose (as long as you don’t say something massively controversial – then you might have something to lose haha!).

Now before you start giving me excuses as to why you can’t, I’ve pre-prepared some rebuttals below:

  • I don’t know how to start a blog! See below section titled, ‘How do you start writing a blog?’.
  • I don’t know what to write about! What’s something you’re passionate about? Write about that.
  • I’m not a writer. Maybe not yet but all writers started somewhere.

All these and a bunch more excuses (and why they’re not valid) can be found here.

How do you start writing a blog?

Personally I use a WordPress website which gives me all of the tools I need to publish this blog. It costs me about $3/month for WordPress hosting and I bought the domain name ( for something like $30 when I set-up the website. This was all managed through Namecheap – don’t judge a book (or a name) by its cover (like I did), their customer support and resources are amazing.

Other options could be:

  • Wix website: free – unless you want a custom domain name. You’ll get your own website to do whatever you like with too!
  • Medium: also free (as far as I can tell) – in fact, they’ll pay you if people read your posts. You don’t get your own website.
  • LinkedIn: also free – share direct to LinkedIn where you’ll have your pre-built captive audience (your network).

These are just three options and there’s dozens more. Have a look and if you do start a blog, send me the link – I’d love to have a read.


Up until now, Billie has been basically the goodest dog you can imagine. We had a slight hiccup this week when she chewed the plug off a lamp [see photo!]. We were slightly unimpressed to say the least. Fortunately it wasn’t plugged in!


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